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Tailchasers Restaurant

Custom Printed Acrylic & Azek Building Entrance Sign

Custom Printed Acrylic & Azek Building Entrance Sign

Custom Printed Acrylic & Azek Building Entrance Sign

This spring we were contacted by Tom at the Off the Hook Restaurant Group about working together on a couple projects. They were opening a new restaurant uptown in Ocean City and needed a new entrance sign. The previous restaurant in that location, Parched Pelican, had a large custom routed and painted dimensional sign that Tom brought over for reference. At the time we had never done a layered, printed, custom routed sign and needless to say we were a little nervous but up for the challenge. Creating something that was both bright and would withstand the elements here in Ocean City was tricky so we had to use a solid piece of 3/4″ PVC as the backing and then layer the text and print on top. For the lettering we used the Tailchasers font and style custom routed out of black 1/2″ PVC that had been spray painted gold. On the background we were able to print a hairline template so that all the lettering would line up. For the center we decided to use backprinted (second surface) clear acrylic so that it would have a glossy finish and the print would be protected behind the acrylic. To add some dimension we float mounted the acrylic using a pvc standoff so that the front of the acrylic sat at the same distance off the background as the top of the gold lettering. We then matched up the mounting holes from the old sign and voila! Tailchasers has amazing food, they had a great summer, and they will be open year-round!
Once we started working on the big sign and Tom got a feeling for what we could do, he came back to us with another project. They wanted to refinish all the tables for all their locations and wanted to use printed plywood. We happily CNC routed the perfect size tables for Tom and printed a variety of local images from our catalog. Tom’s crew then took the printed plywood and added trim, epoxy, and stands. Some of them they even hung on the wall upstairs at the 81st street location. The tables turned out amazing and their customers seem to love them. This was a super fun project to work on and we hope to do some more as the group grows!   
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