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What is a plak that wood print?

A Plak That Wood Print is a unique and personalized way to display and showcase your photos on wood. Whether its a wedding photo, a family portrait, or your favorite pet, they all look great printed on sustainable, Made in USA wooden plaks. Different from other wood prints, Plak That Wood Prints are made up of several planks (slats) of wood pieced together to create a planked wood canvas. We also offer solid style wood prints in select sizes. Your image is printed directly onto the wooden canvas in full color adding a rustic and unique look to your favorite memories. The color white is not printed so the natural beauty of the wood shows through on the image giving each piece a unique, natural, and rustic appearance. When designing your print, you have the option to add a white background layer which costs a few more dollars but really makes the colors pop! This additional feature is exclusive to Plak That and really makes a difference in wedding photos (when the dress is white) or with children's photos because sometimes the wood grain can show up in a face or somewhere you don't want it. Wood grain is also variable, so no two wood prints are the same ensuring a even more personalized work of art. Create your own custom photos on wood today!

What is your return or refund policy?

We at Plak That want you to love your print! We want you to know that each piece of wood we use is completely unique… just like the photos you send us to print. Keep this in mind when designing your masterpiece. Each print is custom made to order, so we can’t offer reprints, returns, or refunds if the toning or woodgrain of your print isn’t exactly what you had in mind. If you are concerned about the tone of the wood or the natural pattern of the woodgrain affecting the look of your print, you may want to opt for the White Base Layer to minimize the woodgrain and make the colors of your photo appear brighter. Try this out next time you’re using our customizer!

It’s important to upload high quality photos to ensure that you receive a clear, high quality print. Our team looks over each photo uploaded, and we’ll do our best to get in touch with you if we foresee any issues with printing. If you’re concerned that the image you uploaded isn’t high resolution, please email us at contact@plakthat.com immediately after ordering, and we will work with you to find a solution to make sure that you are happy with your print when it arrives at your door.

Mistakes happen sometimes. No worries! If your print arrives blurry or damaged in any way, please reach out to us at contact@plakthat.com and we will happily offer you a reprint. It’s in our best interest for you to want to display your print in your home. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, and you’ll quickly hear back from one of our six team members; never a robot or automated message.

How long is your turnaround time?

We hand build and examine each wood print to ensure quality and consistency. Generally once an order is placed it takes 5 – 7 business days (about a week) in addition to shipping time. Shipping time varies depending on where you are located and the service selected, with the longest shipping times being around 7 days (to California). We have expedited shipping available as well. Standard production is 6-8 business days plus shipping, Expedited production is 4-6 business days plus shipping.

Is my photo high enough quality?

It depends. For the best quality print, use an original high resolution JPEG file. Photos taken off of social media sites may not print the best, because these websites actually downsize and compress your images when you upload them in order to save space on their servers. Downsizing and compressing will degrade the quality of the photos in order to create a smaller image size for storage. Use the original file you used to upload to social media sites for the best results. If you must take a photo from Facebook or Instagram, we recommend ordering a smaller sized print, such as a 7″ x 5″ in order to maintain a clearer image.

Likewise, photos texted to you from friends are also downsized, and may not be the ideal print quality. Ask your friend to Airdrop or email the original photos at their “actual size”.

I received my print and it seems a bit discolored. Is this normal?

You may notice that your print turned out a bit darker or sepia toned than your original image. You may also notice darker, organic streaks throughout your print. This is wood grain. It’s what differentiates a wood print from a photographic print on paper or any other material. Many people like this look, and come to us specifically to achieve it. Wood grain is a natural variable and is completely unpredictable, so in ordering a wood print you are acknowledging that wood grain will most likely be visible in some areas of your print.

Don’t like the look of wood grain, or worried about how it may affect your image? No worries! We still have options for you. If you are concerned about the tone of the wood or the natural pattern of the woodgrain affecting the look of your print, you may want to opt for the White Base Layer to minimize the woodgrain and make the colors of your photo appear brighter. Our normal print production does not include white ink, so any white areas of your image will remain the color of the wood underneath. When you opt for the white ink base layer, we whitewash the prints before printing your image, so the coloring of your print will stay truer to its original photo. Try this out next time you’re using our customizer!

Do you have any tips for designing wood prints?

-  When designing, ensure your image is stretched to the edges using the Expand / Compress buttons or by dragging from the corner of the photo. If you are worried that its super close just leave us a note in the order notes section and we’ll double check it.

-  To ensure your image does not get distorted, stretch your image using the corners of the photo, or use the “expand” button located on the right side of the designer screen. We print your photos exactly as you design them, and are not responsible if they are stretched out of proportion.

-  We offer sizes for both portrait style and landscape style photos. It is best to design these types of photos in their respected sizes. If we don’t have a portrait size in a particular size, just rotate your image and we’ll make sure it hangs on the wall correctly.

-  Make sure words and text are in from the edge to ensure they do not get cut off when printed.

-  Use a desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse with Google Chrome as the browser for the most optimal designing experience.

-  Our wood print designer overlays a wood grain texture over your image. Use this to better judge color shifts and variations created by the wood. If you don’t like the color of the overlay then add the White Background option, found along the top bar (upper left hand corner) in the designer!

What if I want to print my company's logo?

If you have a logo or vector artwork you would like printed, please email us the .eps or .pdf file at contact@plakthat.com.

My wife's birthday is in two days!!! Can I get it by then?!

Two days is tough, especially if you aren’t local (due to shipping times). Email us to see if we can rush process your order or purchase a gift card that ships out immediately (via email) so that your loved one can design their own! Trust us, she should probably be the one choosing the photos . . .

Do you archive the photos I upload?

We do not keep customer’s photos on file. Your uploaded photos are used solely for the purpose of printing, we are not responsible for storing, transmitting or archiving your photographs. In addition, by creating a design with Plak That you are signing up to receive our newsletter. It is the best way to keep up to date on sales and promotions, as well as new projects we’re working on. Don’t worry, you can always unsubscribe if you like!

Do you offer volume discounts, wholesale pricing, or affiliate programs?

Yes, yes, and yes. Just email us at contact@plakthat.com and we will get you all set up!For more information, click here.

How are you able to print directly on wood?

We use a brand new process that prints your image directly onto the wood. No transfers necessary, the ink is UV bonded to the wood and can withstand dusting and wiping. The results are amazing!

How do I mount my plak on the wall?

Plak That Wood Prints have supports on the back for the larger sizes, enabling you to set them on top of existing screws in the wall. Or, just put a couple nails in the wall (level of course) and you’re all set! The smaller 5×7 and 7×7 sizes have a slot in the back which allows the print itself to be “hooked” onto a wall nail or drywall screw for hanging and leveling.

How do you make custom wood prints?

We have over 25 years of experience in commercial printing using state-of-the-art machines. We source the highest quality FSC certified sustainable wood and use our state-of-the-art process to print your images onto the wood. Each piece of wood is carefully hand selected and examined to ensure quality and consistency in the wood. All the woodworking and printing is done in our small shop in Ocean City, MD by hand. We also do wholesale orders for photographers and re-sellers as well as point of purchase / promotional pieces for anyone who appreciates a nice wooden plak!

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