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What is a plak?

A Plak That custom print is a unique and personalized way to display and showcase your photos on a non traditional medium. Plak That currently offers both wood and metal prints, but the options don’t stop there! Choose our original planked wood print for a rustic twist on photo printing. Plak That’s planked wood prints are made up of several planks (slats) of wood pieced together to create a planked wood canvas. For times when plank lines may be too distracting or inconveniently placed (large group photos or close-ups of faces for instance), we also offer solid wood prints in various sizes. We print your image directly onto the wooden canvas using UV Flatbed technology. The color white is not printed, so the natural beauty of the wood shows through, giving each piece a unique, natural, and rustic appearance. The natural variable of the wood grain adds a unique, organic quality to your print, but we also offer the option to add a white ink base layer which will minimize the wood grain and brightens the white areas of your photo. Read more about our wood prints and the white ink background layer below. All prints come ready to hang. Not into the rustic look? Plak That also now offers metal prints, perfect if your decor style is more modern and sleek. Choose brushed aluminum for a textured, silver metallic sheen, or choose white aluminum for a premium photographic satin finish. Our metal prints are weatherproof and suitable for indoor-outdoor decorating. Like our wood prints, each metal print comes ready to hang and makes the perfect, personalized gift.

Updated 8.13.20 To our community, As we navigate the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, we’d like to share an update on how Plak That is responding. The safety and health of our community - customers and team members alike - continues to be a number one priority. In an effort to keep our team members, customers, and families healthy, our shop is currently open for online orders and walk-in orders but masks are required. We are operating under full volume, and with such a small team we need to take the necessary precautions in order to stay productive and healthy. However, please keep in mind that some of our customers have experienced shipping carrier delays. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. If your order seems to be taking an exceptionally long time to arrive after we have shipped it, please keep tracking it but once an order has left our shop, we are not responsible for any delays due to our shipping carriers. For local orders, we have recently implemented a contactless local pickup box. When you receive an email that your order is ready for pickup, your order will be placed in a pickup box out front of our building where you can pick it up at your convenience. The local pickup box is weatherproof and has proven to be a safe place to store your prints until you are able to pick them up. This time is especially challenging for small businesses. Your support means the world to us. If you have a moment, browse our website, leave a review, order a new print to decorate your home, or send a friend a gift card to brighten their day. Together, we will get through this.
What is your return or refund policy?
Because we produce custom products, we have a strict no cancellation policy and all sales are final. Please double check the email confirmation to ensure that you submitted the correct image and let us know if any changes need to be made within 24 hours. At Plak That, we want you to love your print! We want you to know that each piece of wood we use is completely unique… just like the photos you send us to print. Keep this in mind when designing your masterpiece. Each print is custom made to order, so we do not offer reprints, returns, or refunds if the toning or woodgrain of your print isn’t exactly what you had in mind. If you are concerned about the tone of the wood or the natural pattern of the woodgrain affecting the look of your print, you may want to opt for the White Ink Base Layer to minimize the woodgrain and make the colors of your photo appear brighter. Try this out next time you’re using our customizer! It’s important to upload high quality photos to ensure that you receive a clear, high quality print. After over eight years of printing experience, we have dialed in the perfect printing method in order to obtain the best quality prints on the market. All of our prints are produced by professionals with the same exact printer settings, and we can confidently say that the image you upload is the only changing variable. Blurry, low resolution photos will create blurry prints. We cannot provide free reprints or refunds where the original image was not of sufficient quality. If your print arrives damaged, please reach out to us at and we will reprint your order at no charge. Please include photos of the damaged print. If your item does not arrive on time or is lost in the mail, please reach out to us and we will help assist in filing a claim. This notification must be within the carrier's advertised claim filing period. We are not responsible for replacing or refunding an order for lost items. 

What if I wish to cancel my order?
Changes to orders must be made within 24 hours of ordering. We do not accept cancellations. If you wish to cancel your order after it has been placed, we will issue you a gift card for the full value or your original order. If we have printed your order before you ask for a cancellation, we will not be able to grant your cancellation, and will proceed with your original order.

Is my photo high enough quality?
It depends. For the best quality print, use an original high resolution JPEG file. Photos taken off of social media sites are sometimes lower quality, because these websites actually downsize and compress your images when you upload them in order to save space on their servers. Downsizing and compressing will degrade the quality of the photos in order to create a smaller image size for storage. Use the original file you used to upload to social media sites for the best results. If you must take a photo from Facebook or Instagram, we recommend ordering a smaller sized print, such as a 7″ x 5″ in order to maintain a clearer image. Likewise, photos texted to you from friends are also downsized, and may not be the ideal print quality. Ask your friend to Airdrop or email the original photos at their “actual size”.

I received my print and it seems a bit discolored. Is this normal?
You may notice that your print turned out a bit darker or sepia toned than your original image. You may also notice darker, organic streaks throughout your print (that look like a coffee stain). Although all of us are highly addicted to coffee, this is actually the heartgrain of the wood. It’s what differentiates a wood print from a photographic print on paper or any other material. Many people like this look, and come to us specifically to achieve it. Wood grain is a natural variable and is completely unpredictable, so in ordering a wood print you are acknowledging that wood grain will most likely be visible in some areas of your print. Don’t like the look of wood grain, or worried about how it may affect your image? No worries! We still have options for you. If you are concerned about the tone of the wood or the natural pattern of the woodgrain affecting the look of your print, you may want to opt for the White Base Layer to minimize the woodgrain and make the colors of your photo appear brighter. Our normal print production does not include white ink, so any white areas of your image will remain the color of the wood underneath. When you opt for the white ink base layer, we whitewash the prints before printing your image, so the coloring of your print will stay truer to its original photo. If you have received your print and do not like the darker streaks of the woodgrain, reach out to us. We can reprint it for you with the White Ink Base Layer but we will charge for this service. You won’t be charged for another print, just for the additional cost of the White Ink plus shipping.

What is the white ink base layer?
Our normal print production does not include white ink. This allows the white or lighter areas of your image to show off the natural warmth of the wood grain. We love this unique look for many photos, but for some prints you may want the colors to stay true to the original photo. Our solution for this is the white ink base layer. When you select the white ink base layer, we will print a thin layer of white ink on your print before you print your photo. This is a great option for any image that you want white to be an element of - wedding dresses, for example. The white ink base layer also does a great job of lightly concealing and minimizing wood grain. This is great for close-up photos of faces that could easily be ruined by an unlucky streak of wood grain.

Do you have any tips for designing prints?
We offer sizes for both portrait style and landscape style photos. It is best to design these types of photos in their respected sizes. If we don’t have a portrait size in a particular size, please choose another size / product. Our planked prints are designed to hang in the orientation that they are displayed on the site. Our solid wood prints (non-planked) can be hung vertical or horizontal so when you upload your image you can change the orientation at the bottom of the crop screen. It is important to note that a small amount of the outer edge of your image will be used as “bleed” to ensure that you image covers the entire surface of the print. If you are uploading an image with text, make sure that the text is placed a bit in from the edge to ensure it does not get cut off when printed. Afraid that wood grain will ruin your print? We recommend adding the white ink base layer to prints with close-up faces, large light areas, brides, etc. For best results upload a clear, high resolution photo. Blurry, low resolution photos will print blurry. We cannot provide free reprints or refunds where the original image was not of sufficient quality. If you have any trouble with our uploader, choose "email image later" before adding to cart. After you checkout, just reply to the order confirmation email with your image attached.

What if I want to print my company’s logo?
If you have a logo or vector artwork you would like printed, please choose “email image later” when placing your order, and reply to the order confirmation email with the logo attached in .eps or .pdf file.

My wife’s birthday is in two days!!! Can I get it by then?!
Two days is tough, especially if you aren’t local (due to shipping times). Email us to see if we can rush process your order or purchase a gift card that ships out immediately (via email) so that your loved one can design their own! Trust us, she should probably be the one choosing the photos . . .

Do you archive the photos I upload?
We do not keep customer’s photos on file. Your uploaded photos are used solely for the purpose of printing, we are not responsible for storing, transmitting or archiving your photographs. In addition, by creating a design with Plak That you are signing up to receive our newsletter. It is the best way to keep up to date on sales and promotions, as well as new projects we’re working on. Don’t worry, you can always unsubscribe if you like!

Do you offer volume discounts or wholesale pricing?
Yes, yes, and yes. Just email us at and we will get you all set up! For more information, click here.

How are you able to print directly on wood?
We use a brand new process that prints your image directly onto the wood. No transfers necessary, the ink is UV bonded to the wood and can withstand dusting and wiping. The results are amazing!

How do I mount my plak on the wall?
Plak That Wood Prints have supports on the back for the larger sizes, enabling you to set them on top of existing screws in the wall. Or, just put a couple nails in the wall (level of course) and you’re all set! The smaller 5×7 and 7×7 sizes have a slot in the back which allows the print itself to be “hooked” onto a wall nail or drywall screw for hanging and leveling.

How do you make custom wood prints?
We have over 25 years of experience in commercial printing using state-of-the-art machines. We source the highest quality FSC certified sustainable wood and use our state-of-the-art process to print your images onto the wood. Each piece of wood is carefully hand selected and examined to ensure quality and consistency in the wood. All the woodworking and printing is done in our small shop in Ocean City, MD by hand. We also do wholesale orders for photographers and re-sellers as well as point of purchase / promotional pieces for anyone who appreciates a nice wooden plak!