Juneshine San Diego

Custom Routed Sign & Wooden Tap Handles

Organic alcoholic kombucha? Say no more, we were ready to work with Juneshine! All joking aside, our friend Forrest reached out to us about a new tasting room that they were opening in North Park, San Diego. When he explained to me that the company was producing alcoholic, organic kombucha we were very interested. We drink kombucha here and there, but the idea of alcoholic kombucha just made sense. We started working right away on some custom wooden tap handles for them as well as exterior and interior signs. Our favorite is the interior sign that they have over their lounge area. We used a white acrylic disc with a think layer of routed wood so that the light would come through the acrylic and be blocked by the wooden parts of the sign. We attached the wood & acrylic to the wall via some extra long standoffs so that a light could be mounted behind the sign. During the day it is glossy white and natural wood color, but at night it comes alive! We also worked on some polyurethaned exterior plywood signs that would be very warm and inviting. Lastly we worked on some custom wooden tasting flights that they use at the tasting room. These guys are on a rocket ship of growth and I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a household name very soon across the country. Thank you for the business Forrest and welcome to the 1% For the Planet family!
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