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When Paul came by our shop to discuss signage options for an old firehouse in Pittsville, MD I didn’t really know what to think. However, I did know that he had a vision and wanted it to look modern while using some of the old brick on the building. In theory, we told him that we could do raised lettering off a printed or glossy background. However, the more we thought about it we figured maybe we should do raised PVC lettering on the building itself! First, we used the negative space from the router cutout as a template. The PVC letters would then be securely screwed directly into the building.
Next, we took identical brushed aluminum letters and used adhesive to bond them to the front of the PVC letters. This way, the screws would be hidden. The brushed aluminum created a cool modern industrial look, especially when paired with the vintage brick of the building. For the front sign, we went a different route. We used a large glossy black aluminum background with raised PVC lettering on top. This was because there was an existing sign there that didn’t have the same beautiful brick hiding underneath. Nevertheless, this sign still went with the cool industrial vibe of the brushed aluminum lettering. Lastly, (or not, we’ll see) we did some menu board holders for Paul. He wanted printed wooden menu board holders that could be used over and over with the daily specials menu printed and attached using a clip.
Overall, this project pushed us to think outside what we had done before and experiment with some new ideas. The results were well worth it. Everything turned out amazing, they are open for business, and the food is top notch. Not to mention, we love the cool industrial atmosphere of the place itself. Located on Gumboro Rd. in Pittsville, MD its only a couple minutes off Route 50 and well worth the detour. Thank you Paul for the business! You’re sure to get ours. 

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