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Maui Jacks

Maui Jacks

Routed PVC Custom Signs in Chincoteague Island VirginiaRouted PVC Custom Signs in Chincoteague Island Virginia

Routed PVC Custom Signs in Chincoteague Island Virginia

For the summer of 2018, we had the opportunity to design, create, print, and cut out some awesome custom shaped outdoor signs for Maui Jack’s, a brand new waterpark located in Chincoteague, VA. Plak That created multiple prints on PVC, aluminum, and acrylic materials that were placed throughout the park for informational, directional, and decor use. We chose these types of materials for their excellent outdoor durability and cutting ability. These characteristics of the material along with our UV printing technology allowed us to produce very durable and weatherproof signs. This was especially important in a waterpark setting as surfaces are constantly getting wet and exposed to the environments for years to come. A variety of different sizes and shapes were used that really pushed our creative and production capabilities. We were able to use our CNC router to cut out different shapes and sizes for signs around the waterpark. A highlight of the project was scale surfboard cutouts made from PVC that was used as height measurements for the different water rides. PVC Custom Shaped Outdoor Signs are a great option if you are looking for durable and waterproof signage. The majority of the signs that we created and printed for Maui Jack’s Waterpark were done on PVC. PVC is a plastic polymer material that is slightly flexible, waterproof, and naturally white. It is a great option to print on if you are looking for outdoor signage. PVC can be cut into a variety or different shapes and sizes and is lightweight for easy handling and wall hanging.
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