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Ish Boutique - Ocean City

Ish Boutique - Ocean City

ISH Boutique in Ocean City Custom Aluminum and PVC SignISH Boutique in Ocean City Custom Aluminum and PVC SignISH Boutique in Ocean City Custom Aluminum and PVC Sign

STYLE. HOME. LOVE. Ish Boutique is a beach to chic boutique! Ish offers unique, high-quality goods, fun and trendy finds and the most “style-ish” apparel, accessories, home decor, baby and kid items, beauty products and unique gifts! Ish Boutique is located on the corner of 35th Street and Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland. When Christina came by the shop this spring to toss around ideas for rebranding her store, we got super excited. 
Not only do I pass by the store everyday on the way to and from work, but Christina and her husband Michael are great friends of ours. She knew that we had some new technology (CNC Routing) that would enable us to upgrade her existing flat sign to something dimensional and special. Christina had spent the spring renovating the inside with gorgeous built-ins and a new checkout counter with dark stained wood, acrylic, and gold accents. We wanted to create an outdoor sign that would reflect this new style.
When we started designing the sign, we realized that the flat continuous sign wasn’t going to be as attractive as something that was broken up a bit. By creating the spaces in between the panels on the sign, the blue sky is let through. This also serves to break up the overall plane so that wind can sneak in between and make it less vulnerable to wind gusts.
For the background, we used a printed 1/4″ ACM (aluminum composite material) with layered PVC and gold aluminum on top. The drop shadow and top layer of the lettering is routed from thin gold aluminum with the white lettering and text base custom routed from 1/2″ PVC (Azek). This created a shiny reflective gold surface for most of the lettering that will withstand the elements. Being close to the ocean, we knew the sun would beat down on the sign all year long. Therefore, we wanted something that would hold up to the sun, salt air, and wind. In addition to the main sign, we created an oval sign on the building facing west that reflected the same style.
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