Hoop Tea

Custom Point of Sale Displays

Nothing says summer in Ocean City like Hoop Tea! It makes us super happy to see another local Ocean City business grow and expand. That’s why we were really excited when Danny from Hoop Tea contacted us to create some surf board shaped point of sales displays to sell their signature bags of hard iced tea in liquor stores throughout Maryland! Hoop Tea is growing super fast, and we realized we would have to create these displays in mass quantities. We used our CNC to custom route the three pieces of each display out of wood.
Although they’re big, we made sure each display would be durable, easy to transport, and easy to put together, since they would be distributed to hundreds of stores. Most importantly, each custom display was finished off with metal racks to easily hang bags of Hoop Tea. We love working with Hoop Tea and we’re super excited for future projects while they begin to expand into nationwide distribution.
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