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Custom Acrylic Awards

The Coastal Style Best Of Awards highlight the best businesses on the Eastern Shore. In the past, these awards were created by sandwiching printed card stock between two pieces of acrylic, held together with metal standoffs. When we found out we were going to create this year’s awards, we were excited to test our capabilities and heighten the quality and craftsmanship of these already coveted awards, while still staying true to the existing design from past years.
First, we color matched the awards from last year to ensure that repeat winners would have consistency when displaying multiple awards in their business. Then, we back-printed the designs directly on custom CNC routed 3/8″ thick acrylic. It’s really the little details of these awards that make these awards so stunning. We loved that the drill bit we used gave the edges of the awards a seamless, frosted look, while still letting the bright blue of of the design show through. We finished off each award with four metal standoffs and a PVC backing for easy hanging. We’re excited to get creative and take on more projects like this in the future!
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