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Larger files take longer to load the editor, your patience is appreciated.

How to Order

1) Click on the green UPLOAD IMAGE button and select the image you would like to print.  Once selected, please give our image editor tool some time to load your image.  Larger (higher resolution) images will take a little longer.

2) Once the editor loads and you see your image, move the rectangle around the screen to select the part of your image you want to use or use the Crop tool to create a new selection.  The brighter part of your image is the area that will print.  If you selected a 3-plank print, the vertical grid lines in the editor tool will be where those lines on the print are.

3) When finished editing, click on the green check mark PREVIEW at the top.  

4) If satisfied with your design click NEXT.  (do not click the exit button, that will exit without saving)

5) You should now see your image preview on the product page.  If you don't then chances are you clicked Exit instead of NEXT in the editor tool.

6) After green loading bar disappears you can choose additional options and Add to Cart.

7) If our uploader isn't working, just choose the Email Image Later option, add the item to cart, checkout, and email us your photo after placing your order.  We'll be happy to crop it for you :)


Our 7 x 5 wood print is one of our most popular products because of the compact size and affordable price point. This size is perfect for portraits, baby photos, or couple shots. Each print comes ready to hang with a built in groove and can easily stand on its own without the need of a frame or stand. Display a print of your favorite person on your desk at work, or create a gallery wall in your home with multiple prints. 

Our 7 x 5 wood print is designed specifically for vertical/portrait images. Display your favorite horizontal/landscape photos with our 5 x 7 wood print, or choose a 7 x 7 wood print for a square image.

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7" H x 5" W x .75" D

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