OCHMRA Spring Trade Expo

Each year, we participate in the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association Spring Trade Expo at the Ocean City Convention Center. The trade expo is an opportunity to showcase our current offerings and recent projects to the public, but it is also an excuse to think outside of the box and work on testing out new techniques and technology capabilities.  
The show-stopper of our booth this year was this multi-dimensional sand blasted style sign. We have been working on perfecting sand blasted style signage for over a year now using our CNC router. We have come pretty close in the past, but were not yet comfortable offering this style as an option for our clients. 
This year, we were finally able to perfect our technique by creating a sign with a textured PVC backing and routed inlay to perfectly fit routed raised PVC lettering. We updated our logo to be reminiscent of a retro sign company to fit the nostalgic and classic look of sand blasted signage. This sign now lives near the front door of our shop, and we couldn't be more excited to finally offer this style of signage to our clients!
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