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OCHMRA Spring Trade Expo

OCHMRA Spring Trade Expo

Custom Wooden Routed Sign for Plak ThatCustom Wooden Routed Sign for Plak ThatCustom Wooden Routed Sign for Plak ThatCustom Wooden Routed Sign for Plak That

This past weekend we participated in the annual Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association Trade Expo, one of our biggest events of the year. We used this as an opportunity, not only to showcase our past projects, but to also show our community what is on the horizon for Plak That as a company. We saw the expo as an excuse to get creative and experiment with new techniques, and show visitors the capabilities of our technology and equipment, as well as the new ideas we have for future projects. Recently, we’ve been working on attaining a sand blasted look using CNC to carve out multiple levels of detail into our signs. We love the classic, coastal look we were able to achieve on this Plak That sign (above) and we’re excited to use this technique on commercial jobs in the future.
We also wanted to display how much detail we could achieve when using our CNC to cut custom shapes. Our home state of Maryland was the perfect subject for this, as it’s a super complex shape. We added small lights along the back of the wooden cutout, and hung it with standoffs. We can totally see this (or a similar project) being an awesome statement piece in a local restaurant, boutique, or home!
In addition to the more experimental projects, we also displayed some of our more recent projects. Many people local to our area know of Plak That from our wood prints, but are unaware of the other capabilities we have in our shop. It was rewarding to display some of the awards, signage, and point of sale displays we have created for well known local businesses, including Hoop Tea and K-Coast Surf Shop. We’re hoping that through this trade expo, we were able to give people a better idea of who we are as a business, and hopefully spark some ideas for brand new projects with new and existing clients.
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