Large Custom Aluminum Building Sign

Funcade Boardwalk Exterior Sign
Our favorite boardwalk arcade needed a little (or, rather, big) makeover! This is a great example of our capabilities to create very large scale signage by printing and seamlessly piecing together multiple panels of PVC or aluminum. Our printer is able to print materials up to 4 by 8 feet. However, because we have both printing and CNC cutting capabilities, we are able to create much larger signs by perfectly tiling together printed panels. This is exactly what we did when installing this Funcade sign.These signs are printed on aluminum, which is super durable and ideal for exterior applications. The old Funcade sign was creating using printed vinyl (see photo below). Vinyl has a tendency to crease and crack with age and weather elements, such as the heat of the sun. Unlike its alternatives, UV flatbed printing is weather resistant, which is super important for an oceanfront sign like this sign for Funcade. This sign will definitely withstand the sun and the
salty air.
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