Berlin Library

Dark Stained Wooden Plaque Donor Wall
Dark Stained Wooden Plaque Donor Wall
Dark Stained Wooden Library Plaque
Our custom wood prints are for more than just photos and home decor! Check out these dark stained plaques we used to create a gallery wall highlighting the people and businesses who have supported our local library in Berlin. Spot white lettering and historical photos of the town stand out against the espresso stained wood of each plaque. We also created similar signs to mark different areas of the library, such as the children’s reading corner (pictured above). In order to print the images on the dark stained pieces we laid down what we call a spot white layer, similar to “flashing” in screen printing. This creates a new layer so that the color ink will be shown against white instead of the dark stain of the wood. For installation we ended up using a very strong double sided adhesive so that everything would stay level and be spaced perfectly. 
Material: 3/4″ White Maple Plywood
Printing: Spot White & CMYK
Routing: Beveled edges with Keyhole slot
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