Whitewashed Wood Wall Art

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Whitewashed wood wall art is a great option for printing photos that you don’t want too much wood grain toshow through.  Available as a add on option in the plakthat.com wood print customizer, the white base layer option adds a layer of white ink underneath of your photo or design in order to help cover up the natural wood grain of the print.  Normal Plak That wood prints are printed without the color white to create a very rustic and sepia looking print.  This allows for the natural wood grain of the print to blend with the colors of your photo.  White or lighter areas will go transparent which is why wood grain will be seen the most.  Though this is great for that classic rustic wood print look, it’s not for every photo type.  Baby photos or wedding portraits where the color white is very heavy would benefit from having the white base layer added.  Our easy to use wood print customizer allows you to preview both print options right on screen.  Just toggle the “W” droplet icon on the left tool bar on the customizer to view your print with the white base layer option added.

Brighten Photo on Wood Prints

A characteristic look of whitewashed wood wall art is that they look brighter.  If you want to keep the brightness of your photo, we suggest adding the white base layer option to your design.  Wood grain blending has the effect of darkening photos slightly because the wood absorbs ink.  When photos are printed with a white layer of ink underneath, the extra layer of ink not only has the effect of limiting ink absorption, but also giving photos something bright to be printed in front of.

Preserve Color on Wood Prints

Normal photos printed on wood has a characteristic rustic look to it because the colors of the photo are allowed to blend with the color of the wood grain.  Colors will appear with a sepia tone because of the yellow that wood grain introduces to colors.  IF you are not a fan of sepia tone but still want to rustic feel of the wood, we highly suggest you design your wood print with the white base layer option added.  The added white ink will help to maintain the original colors of your photos better as well as produce a brighter print.

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whitewashed wood wall art, photos on wood, plak that, prints on wood