Using our Online Designer

#1)  We have found that using a desktop / laptop running Google Chrome as the browser seems to work the best.  Internet Explorer is not supported at this time, sorry!

#2)  Our designer currently has a max upload size of 10mb but some customers are having trouble uploading larger images.  If the site doesn’t allow you to upload your image or you get the Add to Cart Failed warning, please upload a smaller image file to place the order (as a placeholder) and email us the higher quality one for print!  Or just email us and we’ll take care of it!

#3) Our designer allows customers to shrink and stretch images.  This is going to manipulate images to be very tall and skinny or short and fat.  If your image doesn’t cover the entire board please do not pull on the image from the sides or bottom, as this will change the proportion.  Please use the “Expand” button in the toolbar or drag from the corner of the image where you see the green “L”.  We are not responsible for images that are out of proportion.

#4)  When designing, ensure your image is stretched to the edges.  If you are worried that its super close, just leave us a note in the order notes section and we’ll double check it.

#5)  We offer sizes for both portrait style and landscape style photos.  It is best to design these types of photos in their respected sizes.  If we don’t have a portrait size in a particular size, just rotate your image and we’ll make sure it hangs on the wall correctly.

#6)  Make sure words and text are in from the edge to ensure they do not get cut off when printed.

#7)  Our wood print designer overlays a wood grain texture over your image.  Use this to better judge color shifts and variations created by the wood.  Keep in mind that the natural pattern of the wood grain will be visible in your print. If you don’t like the color of the overlay, then add the White Background option, found along the top bar in the designer!

#8) Lastly, if its taking a while, not loading correctly, or you just want some extra help then please email us at and we can assist 🙂