Rustic Photo Prints

Here at Plak That, we specialize in turning your photos and memories into rustic photo prints.  Plak That offers our signature plank rustic photo prints in a variety of different sizes.  We have a size for everyone and every type of hanging situation.  Small 5″x7″ wood prints are great for desk or tabletops and make awesome rustic photo prints that can be given as gifts for any occasional.  Our larger planked rustic photo prints such as the 18.5″x27.5″ makes for a good living room wall piece and can really showcase a particular photo or memory when hung on a wall.

rustic photo prints

Rustic Wood Grain

Naturally on our wood prints, we don’t print the color white on the print to allow the wood grain to blend with the colors of the printed photo.  This creates a prints that is rustic and warm.  Each rustic photo print is also unique in its own way.  Every planked board we use has its own “wood grain footprint” meaning no two boards have similar amounts of wood grain on it.  Like everything in nature, no two wood prints are alike.  It is a perfect combination of blending the natural force of mother nature and your memories.  Both unique and individualistic things that are never the same.

Handmade, Sustainable, and High-Quality

Plak That Rustic Photo Prints are each handmade every step of the way right here in the USA.  From using FSC certified wood, each board is hand selected, cut, matched, and assembled by hand.  And because the wood we use is FSC certified sustainable, a new pine tree is planted by our wood source each time a tree is harvested, ensuring a sustainable future for the wood we use for our rustic photo prints.  Your photos are directly printed onto the wood surface and not simply paper that is glued onto the surface.  Using an advanced UV printer, ink is cured directly onto the wood print surface which creates a durable high quality print that will last for years to come.  We perform final quality checks on each wood prints before it leaves our small shop for your front door.  We take pride in the rustic photo prints we make and work effortless to ensure our customers receive a high quality product they will love for years to come.

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rustic photo prints