I’ve known the guys at K-Coast since I was 6.  When I started Plak That they were one of the first shops to start ordering prints and selling them to their customers.  This year as they were opening their new uptown Ocean City location we sat down and figured out some options for a series of new exterior signs.  We decided on a glossy black aluminum background (for easy cleaning and because it would contrast on the building) with printed and cut out PVC raised lettering overtop.  We color matched their blue “K” in the logo and then picture framed the whole thing with more PVC.  Being able to color-match the blue in their logo for the “K” was really important and made the sign tie into all their other branding.  While we love doing very intricate signs, the most important thing especially on highway signs is readability.  These exterior signs are bold and because of the glossy finish versus the matte finish of the lettering they really pop at night with all the headlights and gooseneck lighting on the building.  We love working with local businesses to build or upgrade their exterior signs, get more customers in the door, and make more money!  Thank you Mark, Mark, & Chris for the business!


Chris Shanahan

Manager, K-Coast Surf Shop