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Print your Photos on Plywood

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Photos on Plywood are a great alternative to our classic Plak That plywood prints on wood, plak thatplanked wood prints.  Instead of  printing on a canvas made of multiple planks of wood, your photo is printed on a solid piece of beautiful wood.  This option is great for photos with many family members in it or a unique photo that you don’t want the breaks of the print going through as with the planked wood prints.  Handmade in Maryland like our signature planked prints, the quality, texture, and rustic feel are still present when printing your photos on Plywood.  With plywood prints being made from one solid piece of wood, there are endless possibilities for custom sizes to suit your needs.  Start designing your photos on plywood today!

The plywood piece adds a rustic look and feel to any photo.  The color white is not printed on our solid plywood prints so the nature wood grain of the plywood will show through in lighter areas, further adding to the rustic and organic feel of the print.  Our special printing process turns ordinary photos into beautiful works of art.  See for yourself!



Hanging photos on plywoodyour photo on plywood is super simple with the carved out hanging groves on the back of the plywood print.  Simply place 2 dry wall screws leveled into the wall and “hook” the plywood print onto the screw.  Proudly display indoors for years to come.  To clean your photo on plywood, use a damp cloth and wipe the surface gently.

Wood Print Comparison

Below is a comparison between our photos on planked wood and photos on solid plywood.  Planked wood prints have a more blondish coloration and areas of darker heartgrain.  Photos on solid plywood have more of a blush wood grain tone and more subtle heartgrain.  Both style prints blend your photos seamlessly with woodgrain to create a one of kind and unique wood print masterpiece.


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