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Having your engagement photos printed on wood is a unique and memorable way to showcase your engagement photos for years to come.  Printing your engagements photo on wood gives your photos a rustic and warm tone to them because of how the wood grain blends with the colors of your photo.  We also offer a white base layer option if you prefer not to see too much wood grain as well.  Plak That offers a variety of different sizes from small to large and is perfect for displaying in any room.  Small prints are great for desks and table tops, while the larger peints make a great statement piece in a living room.  Why settle for printing on ordinary paper when you can print on wood!


Unique In Every Way

Plak That wood prints are as unique as the special moment you have with your loved one.  No two wood prints are alike in terms of wood grain adding to the unique of our wood prints.  Make the wood print as personal as the moment you share with your soon to be.  Our easy to use wood print customizer allows you to upload your very own photos and add text and poems to your design.  We offer free help along the way if you run into any issues with designing your wood print.  The design options are endless and the final product is unique to you in every way.  We take pride in our wood print and hand make each Plak That Wood Print in our small shop in Ocean City, MD with as much love as possible.  This is why your engagement photos desire to be printed on wood.  So what are you waiting for!?  Print your engagement photos on wood today.


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