Design Your Own Custom Wood Print – 7.5″ x 7.5″

You’re Designing a 7.5″ x 7.5″ Custom Wood Print

Step 1


To upload your own photo, skip to step 3.
Click “Browse Templates” to see some pre-made layouts and start with one of these ideas. You can load any of these custom designs and edit or adjust them.
Or, click “Start from Scratch” to move on and create your own custom wood print from scratch.  

Step 2

Background Colors and Images

Click “Background Colors” to change the color of the printed area on the print.  We recommend no background color because the woodgrain will show through your photo better! If you do want a background color (for collages), try something light because the woodgrain will be more visible.  
Or, click “Background Images” to browse our images that you can use for backgrounds. If you’d like to upload your own images, proceed to step 3.

Step 3

Your Images + Your Text.

Here is where you can upload your own photos, add text, and really customize your print.  We recommend using original files (better quality) but Facebook and Instagram photos work as well.  
For Facebook, click on a photo, choose Options > Download to get the photo to your computer.  Then, when prompted, upload it to the app above.
For Instagram, sync your phone with your computer and upload it from iPhoto or something similar.  Its better quality that way.  
Lastly, make sure to click “Fit to Width”, you don’t want your photos not quite filling up the frame!   

Step 4

Confirm Options

Step 4 is even easier. Simply agree to the terms and decide whether you want your design in the public gallery.  Then press OK. 
Enter your email address to save your design and it will automatically email you a link to it so you can reload it or come back to it at any time (don’t worry, we hate spam, too! We always keep your email address private and never share it with anyone).  
At this point, depending on internet & computer speed, it can take a little while to save the file.  Give it time, but if it is taking over 5 minutes then email us and we will have you send the file directly to us via email at!  

That’s it! Your Plak That Custom Wood Print is done!

After completing all of the steps above, your custom print will be saved (to your free profile) where you can share it with your friends on any network, or by email! The design will also be added to your shopping cart. Check our homepage and social media for exclusive Plak That offers and discount codes!

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