Effective commercial and store signage is the key to gaining business visibility and awareness.  Being able to convey your name, products and services in a large format sign can quickly attract the attention of potentially new customers and clients.  Effective signage needs to be visible, easy to read, noticeable, and legible.  Consider these tips when shopping and designing your new store sign.  Size your signage to be easy to read and see from a distance.  The sooner you can catch the eyes of your customers, the sooner they can come through the door. Organization makes for a easy to read sign.  Names should be bold, colors should be contrasting, spacing should be utilized.  In all, draw attention to the important details by grouping design elements effectively.    Using color and design elements can help your sign stand out from its surroundings and other signs thus making it more noticeable.  Lastly, easy to read letters, fonts, and designs should be used in order to create a legible sign.  Use “non-busy” logos to be more easily recognized which increases brand awareness and recognition.

Business Signage


Custom Printed Commercial and Store Signage

Real Raw SignPlak That Printing Co. has the capabilities to help you create effective signage for your business.  With in-house design services and the ability to create signage up to 4 feet high and any dimension long, we can help you create your sign from conception to final product.  We can print full color in a variety of rigid substrates such as lightbox acrylic and aluminium creating signs that are high quality, weatherproof, and long lasting.  Email us at contact@plakthat.com for all your commercial and store signage needs today!