Commercial Signs and Decor

Plak That Printing Co. offers many solutions for commercial signage and artwork projects. Our experience and knowledge in the print industry has allowed us to complete commercial print and signage projects in a variety of different industries including restaurant, hospitality, recreation, and municipal.  We can design and print on a variety of different materials including wood, aluminum, and acrylic substrates.  We offer in-house design services, free consulting, and fast turnaround.  Let Plak That Printing Co. assist you on your next signage or print project!

Our unique printing process allows us to print directly onto various flat materials and substrates creating a lasting and durable final product.  We can produce signs in full color and full bleed to create professional and eye catching signs and prints.  We can print continuously onto material as big as 4 ft x 8ft or create sectional panels for large signs or billboards.  No project is too big for us!  Contact us with your project specifications for a free consultation.

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What better way to offer your customers a unique and memorable experience than with custom printed artwork.  Popular among our clients are custom printed wood prints for hotel room decor and lobby decor.  The uniqueness of the wood print combined with the rustic tone of the wood grain really creates a warm artwork piece that makes a hotel room feel like home.  Our in-house woodworking capabilities allows us to build, trim, and finish wood prints of any size and projects of any scale.

Case Study – Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort

We had the opportunity to create and print large murals for Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, a beautiful family resort located on 91st in Ocean City, MD.  We built large sized wooden plywood pieces and printed original photos on them to add vibrancy and life to the otherwise blank wall space that flanks the elevator landings from floor 2-5.  Each mural has beautiful trim work around to perfectly frame the image and has a clear coating for a lasting finish.  The end result was more lively elevator landings and artwork that has added a even more local touch to this long standing Ocean City icon.

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Custom Restaurant Tables

printed tables

Add a unique touch to your restaurant’s dining space or bar with artwork printed directly onto high quality table tops.  We offer custom printed restaurant tables build to size and order.  They are a great conversation piece and your customers will love the original and artistic touch to a otherwise plain table top.  We can print full color graphics, photos, logos, and words right onto table tops!  We also offer resin and coating services to help with durability.  Check out these custom printed tables we did for several local restaurants!

Wooden Menu Boards

Wood Menu Boards

What is the first thing a customer does when they walk up to the ordering counting?…they look at the menu.  Draw their attention with a custom printed menu board!  A wooden menu board can add a unique and rustic touch to your restaurant decor.  We can build and print wooden menu boards of any size and our in-house design services can help you layout and design your custom wooden menu boards just the way you want it!

Case Study – District Taco

District Taco, a popular Mexican food restaurant in and around the Washington D.C. area, approached us with building and printing custom wooden menu boards for all of their locations.  Printed on several panels and pieced together in each of their location we were able to create menus boards that were high quality and unique while maintaining consistence across all of their locations.

District Taco Hung

Outdoor and Lightbox Signage

commercial signage

Plak That Printing Co. has the capabilities to help you create effective signage for your business.  With in-house designservices and the ability to create signage up to 4 feet high and any dimension long, we can help you create your sign from conception to final product.  We can print full color in a variety of rigid substrates such as lightbox acrylic and aluminium creating signs that are high quality, weatherproof, and long lasting.  Lightbox white acrylic allows for light transmission creating a visible sign for day and night usage.  We can custom cut to size lightbox acrylic to your lightbox dimensions.

Effective commercial and store signage is the key to gaining business visibility and awareness.  Being able to convey your name, products and services in a large format sign can quickly attract the attention of potentially new customers and clients.  Effective signage needs to be visible, easy to read, noticeable, and legible.  We have the tools and knowledge to help you create signage that meets all these factors.

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Wooden Signs

Wood printing is our speciality!  A popular option among our commercial clients are custom printed wooden signs.  Being in business is about standing out in order to grab the attention of your customers, and what better way to do that than with unconventional signage.  Add a rustic touch to your business logo or design by having it printed on wood.

wooden signage

Check out these awesome wooden signs we did for The Iron House and Rise Up Coffee.  Both were custom cut to shape and printed on high quality cabinet grade birch plywood.  The Iron Horse sign was sealed after printing for outdoor hanging whereas the Rise Up Coffee sign will be proudly displayed inside.

We also have to ability to CNC cut custom wooden shapes like the Rise Up Coffee sign.  Contact us with your special requests!

We can also print on durable “MDF” style boards for use as real estate or job site signage. We offer a wide range of sizes up to 4×8 feet and can print designs and information in full color. We offer competitive pricing, giving you the best possible product at a cost that won’t break the budget.

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Special Projects

We do more that just print signs and artwork.  If you have an idea that you want brought to life, feel free to contact us!  We like working on new and interesting projects and brainstorming new ways to meet our customer’s needs.  We offer free consultations, in-house design services, and fast turnaround.  No project is too big or small, we can do it all!  Checkout these unique and interesting projects we have done in the past.

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For commercial printing possibilities that Plak That Printing Co. offers, please contact us directly.


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