About Plak That Printing Company!

Family Owned and Operated Since 2012.

With humble beginnings in a small garage, what started out as a unique way to display surf photos has grown to become a way to immortalize cherished photos and memories on wood.  Plak That has become a premier printing and CNC routing company specializing in custom wood, acrylic, aluminum prints for both retail and commercial customers. Our owner Wyatt oversees all aspects of production from the hand selection of each piece of wood, building and design, to printing and shipping. Wyatt’s background in surfing and sustainability has shaped the core fundamentals of his business.   From creating a product that is environmentally sustainable to driving the business with eco-friendly and renewable energy sources, Wyatt is always looking for new and innovative ways to limit the waste and carbon footprint of Plak That Printing Co while creating a unique and sustainable product.

“We hand select the wood  from 100% FSC certified sustainable sources and hand build and print each wood print with love right here in our small shop in Ocean City, MD.   With 4 employees, 1 intern, and 1000 sq. feet of space, our focus is on making the experience with Plak That personable and memorable.  We hope you will love and cherish your Plak That wood print for years to come and are honored when you trust us to print your memories on wood.  Thank you from all of us here at Plak That!”


A quick tour of the Plak That World Headquarters

About Plak That Wood Prints

Different from other wood printing companies, Plak That wood prints, except the small 5x7 and 7x7 sizes, are made with individual vertical planks of wood giving the overall piece the signature planked look iconic of a Plak That Wood Print.   We also offer solid plywood print options in select sizes perfect if you don’t want plank lines going through your photo, available here.   We don’t print the color white or apply any stain, instead we let the grain of the wood show through the photos where the color white would normally be present.   This gives the wood print a rustic and unique look because wood grain is variable and no two pieces of wood are alike.  All Plak That Wood Prints are made from wood harvested from sustainable sources and we do our best to minimize the waste from the production of our prints. Cuts from our bigger wood prints are turned into our smaller sizes and scraps are made into horizontal supports for the bigger prints.

Plak That Printing Co. and Sustainability

Choose from your images or our gallery to create a custom wood print.

We create 100% Made in the USA custom wood prints for any occasion. You can choose a design or create your own and have it shipped to your door, ready to hang. The natural grain of the wood will show through the photo, giving each piece a unique touch that is sure to get attention. Your pictures and image printed on wood.

Easy to Hang Wall Art

Each plak comes with horizontal supports that make hanging a breeze.  Just put a couple nails in the wall and you’re all set. Custom sizes are also available, just contact us with your inquiry. Adios and Happy Plaking!

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